Källa Glassgård

Location: Northern Öland
Källa, 380 74 Löttorp (show map)

Welcome to one of the most tasteful places to visit on Öland – Källa Glassgård. This is a place where you can treat yourself, your family and friends with an ice cream experience, right in the middle of the island’s genuine environment.
The ice cream restaurant has a total of 250 seats indoors and outdoors.

Have a seat inside in our nice and cosy ice cream restaurant or sit outside in our charming garden. In total there are 250 seats. Take your time to look through the appetizing ice cream menu, where you can find around 30 well-composed and creative ice cream combinations, all with some kind of local connection to the island. There is something for everyone, no matter age or taste. When you made up your mind, one of our waiters/waitresses will come and take your order. Maybe you would like your ice cream dish served with something from our comprehensive coffee menu.

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380 74 Löttorp


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