Fly trout Öland

Address: Hulterstad 110, 38662 Mörbylånga Show map

Address: Hulterstad 110, 38662 Mörbylånga

Time and place can be crucial...

Our season stretches from the middle of September, throughout the winter, until the orchids start to bud in the middle of May.
We dedicate most of our time to finding experiences on southern Öland, both along the western and eastern coast. For us, southern Öland includes everything south of Ekerum and across the island.
Öland offers a long coastline with many bays to choose from. Some waters are shallow, but others can be more difficult to master.

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Hostel / Rooms

Segerstads lighthouse

Distance: 8.7 km
The house of the lighthousekeeper in Segerstad is divided into two comfortable flats of about 100 sqm each with all commodities. Both sides where occupied from 1883 to 1967 by the families of respectively the lighthouse master and the lighthousekeeper
Bed & Breakfast


Distance: 8.5 km
Alvargården, how nice sounds the name? Perhaps just as great as the landscape's breath, a little bit beyond the sea. Pets are not allowed.
Bed & Breakfast

Stay on a farm Hulterstad

Distance: 553 meters
In Hulterstad’s linear village, south-east Öland, approx 30 kilometres from the southern tip.