10. Bergstigen

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Bergstigen is a 6-km long path along cultural and natural sites, taking you through varied and stunning scenery, formed by the 300-year old stone quarries and masonry industry.

The trail meanders past limekilns, large slag heaps and other impressive remains from the quarry industry, which has now become part of nature. Along the trail you can study the “Linnaeus wall” which Carl Linnaeus visited in 1741. Right on the Kalmar Strait coast lies Södra bruket, which is a well-preserved industrial setting dating back to the early 19th century. This was at the height of the alum shale industry, and you can still see the old workmen’s dwellings, the mill and the smithy. In the billowing landscape, among the industrial ruins, a high chimney can be seen from afar. Here is an exhibition area and a geological garden. The hiking trail continues along the beach and up onto the Great Alvar, past an old charming limestone quarry and further towards the large quarry still in use today.

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On the south-eastern side of Öland, 4 km to the fortified village Eketorp and 17 km to the Ottenby bird station. Within walking distance to fishing harbour.
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Eketorps Borg Youth hostel

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Easier accommodation in a hostel standard in Eketorp, on southeast Öland. This charming accommodation is a stone's throw from Eketorp castle, in the middle of Öland's World Heritage Site.
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