Ölandsferry Oskarshamn - Byxelkrok

Address: Byxelkrok Show map
Directions: How to find the ferry In Oskarshamn: Head for Oskarshamn, follow the signs to ”Gotland”, until the signs to ”Öland” appear. Follow the Öland signs. In Byxelkrok: Drive to Byxelkrok, then follow the signs to “hamnen” and “Oskarshamn”. At the ferry If you’ve made a reservation, park in the lanes for booked cars. - In Oskarshamn lanes 3 and 4. - In Byxelkrok lanes 1, 2 and 3 If you do not have a reservation, park in the lanes for unbooked cars. - In Oskarshamn lanes 1 and 2. - In Byxelkrok lane 4. You have to be at the ferry 30 minutes before departure.