Eketorp fortress

Address: Eketorp, 38664 DEGERHAMN Show map

Address: Eketorp, 38664 DEGERHAMN

We wish you a warm welcome to Eketorp fortress! Eketorp fortress is a fully dug-out ancient fort, with reconstructed walls and houses at the very site of the archaeological finds.

If you are interested in nature and culture, the fortress’ exciting history, archaeology and Alvar fauna will be just the thing for you.

Eketorp fortress is a fully dug-out and rebuilt ancient fort, where the reconstruction has taken place at the very site of the archaeological finds. If you want to make a group reservation or book a guided tour, please ring Ölands Turistbyrå at +46 (0)485 89000.

Within the ring-wall, which is 5 metres high and 6 metres in width, lie Iron Age houses built in stone and medieval longhouses built in timber using traditional methods and materials.

Visitors will be able to get a feel for what it was like to live in an ancient fortress of this size. Experience a living Iron Age and Middle Ages, and participate in various chores and handicraft which is done daily. You can, for example, try your hand at baking bread, archery, pole pillow fights, forging, textile crafts, games and much more. Or why not join one of our daily scheduled guided tours around the fortress.

Open from 23 June till 17 August, 10:30 - 18:00.

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