Skulpturleden (Sculpture trail)

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Skulpturleden (Sculpture trail) is a nature experience as well as an art experience. I

It is a 4 km long stretch of Mörbylångaleden that leads you along three sculptures made by artists from Öland and Småland. Skulpturleden starts at Skärlöv old station house and follows the railway embankment along the edge of the alvar, to Mellby. It is about an hour´s slow walk to the end and back.

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Mellby Ör Inn

Distance: 1 km
A newly built Inn located perfectly in the heart of the World Heritage. Beautiful views of both the Baltic and the Alvar. Breakfast, bedlinen and cleaning are included in the price. Possible to have dinner if reservation is made in advance. Pub with varying opening hours.
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In Hulterstad’s linear village, south-east Öland, approx 30 kilometres from the southern tip.
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The house of the lighthousekeeper in Segerstad is divided into two comfortable flats of about 100 sqm each with all commodities. Both sides where occupied from 1883 to 1967 by the families of respectively the lighthouse master and the lighthousekeeper